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Hire Me!

Services I provide:

I've worked with individuals as well as businesses from small to international! I'm happy to help determine solutions for you that work for your needs and budget; if your needs don't fit within my skills, I'm also happy to refer you to people I know who can do what you need.

While I haven't learned every programming language or framework there is to know, I've worked with a lot of them—in some cases since I was in my teens. I've learned React, TypeScript, Swift, and Perl to help support projects. My experience is diverse, and I love a challenge.

My services start at $75/hour, although I'm willing to negotiate flat-rate projects for small operations, nonprofits, and long-term retainer positions. If you'd like a quote, talk to me at carly@carly.website and we can go from there! Alternately, you can also find some of my services on Fiverr.